February 2, 2008

Done Deal

Johan Santana has offically pitched his last game in a Twins uniform after agreeing to a longterm deal with the Mets yesterday. The details of the deal have not yet been made official, but some things that we do know are that it will be for six-years, and seven if you count the contract for the 2008 season. In addition, the Mets are expected to pay Santana an additional $7 million on top of the $13 million that he was supposed to make in 2008. On top of all of this, there are reports that there will also be an option when the whole thing is done.

Now that everything is done, we can all take a deap breathe and move on.

There is still no word on whether the Twins will have a press conference to introduce the four players coming over, but before I go into more detail on the whole thing, I would like to hear the reasoning behind some of the different things from genreral manager Bill Smith.

I'll have more when that happens, but until then, enjoy the big game tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.