February 3, 2008

Gomez Controls Future

Whether or not Carlos Gomez is the starting centerfielder on March 31 will all be up to one person -- Carlos Gomez.

In their teleconference with the media yesterday, the Twins stressed that Gomez will control his own destiny this spring when he competes with other young centerfielders Denard Span and Jason Pridie.

"We're going to have competition for pitchers; we're going to have competition in center field. We will put Gomez in a competition with Jason Pridie and Denard Span."

Gomez could be called the leader after playing in the majors last season, and clearly being the better prospect with arguably the most speed in all of baseball and a good arm and glove that could make fans forget Hunter's gold glove status.

One thing that should make Twins fans happy is that the Twins didn't make any mention of adding a veteran to play center. In what may be more of a down year for the Twins, most fans would probably agree -- don't waste time and money, play the young guys.

Veteran Pitcher?
The Twins have always been known to like veteran leadership in the rotation. Last season, even though they had two-time Cy-Young winner Johan Santana, they added two veteran pitchers, Ramon Ortiz and Sidney Ponson.

So it should come as no surprise, now that the Twins no longer have Santana, that they are talking once again about brining in a veteran pitcher.

The leading candidate is currently Josh Fogg. Fogg is the only free agent that the Twins have reportedly talked to, and the Twins are supposedly pretty interested.

Twins fans will undoubtedly have mixed emotions about adding veteran presence. With a bunch of young guns, it might be a good move. But with the history of the last two seasons, many fans still have the bad taste of wasted contracts with guys like Tony Batista, Ramon Ortiz and Sidney Ponson.