February 20, 2008

Good News For Casilla

Alexi Casilla got some very good news this afternoon when his appointment originally scheduled for the middle of March to get his visa got moved up to tomorrow. There is now hope that Casilla could be in camp by the weekend, and he definitely won't miss the amount of time that he would have had he not gotten the appointment moved up.

This is great news for Casilla, a player who has a chance to go after the second base job as well as a bench spot. Had he not arrived until mid-May, all of those opportunities would have likely been down the drain.

In addition to Casilla, and as I mentioned earlier today, Reyes will be in Fort Myers on Thursday for camp.

As for Liriano, there is still no word on his status, but I'd assume he is still due to arrive no later than Saturday.

For position players still absent, there are just three players: Delmon Young, Jason Pridie and Jason Kubel.