February 21, 2008

Keeping Up

This is just a general post to keep up with everything going on right now and to also get everybody up to date on what is going to be going on right here at Twins Territory.

Almost There
Almost everybody has reported to camp after both Jason Kubel and Delmon Young reported today. The Twins now have just two pitchers and one position player not yet in Fort Myers and all three are the visa players. Reyes was supposed to report today, but at the latest report hadn't shown up.

As for Casilla and Liriano, the club doesn't seem to know much, but it sounds like both will be in camp by this weekend.

Ready for Competition
Denard Span mentioned it to us here before players reported that he was ready to go after the centerfield spot. He hasn't let up, and says he thinks he can win the job.

Gomez seems to be the early favorite as one of the fastest players in baseball and a pretty nice glove that could make fans forget Hunter a little easier. Only time will tell however and when camp officially kicks off this weekend, let the games begin.

Site Updates
We're going to finally stop with the hints towards huge site news next week and finally tell you what's going on. I'm not sure of the date, but stay tuned and if nothing else check back daily until you see the news.

Also, I'd like to get the Making the Team first edition up later next week maybe Thursday or Friday. So stay tuned for that.