February 14, 2008

Liriano Stuck

One thing that all Twins fans can't wait to see is how Francisco Liriano is doing after having Tommy John surgery. Now, fans will be forced to wait at least an extra week after Liriano learned today that he won't be able to make camp on time.

If you can remember, Liriano was arrested for a DUI back in 2006, and the law has recently changed, forcing all people that have been arrested in the last three years to take a class before entering the country.

Liriano was not aware of this until yesterday, when the United States informed him of the situation.

He is expected to attend the class on Friday, the day that he had previously planned to fly to Fort Myers. Depending on when the paper work gets done after that, Liriano could be in the states within a week after that.

The Twins say they aren't worried. Liriano has been working out in the Twins "camp" over in the Dominican, and he says his arm is fine and ready to go.