February 11, 2008

My Top 10

Over the past week or so, more and more prospect lists have made their way across the web. I follow the minor leagues, but am far from being and expert on the players.

With that said, I wanted to give my own prospect list a try. I don’t know as much about the minor league players as some of the professionals posting them, but here it goes.

1) Deolis Guerra
2) Carlos Gomez
3) Anthony Swarzak
4) Tyler Robertson
5) Joe Benson
6) Kevin Mulvey
7) Glen Perkins
8) Jeff Manship
9) Trevor Plouffe
10) Ben Revere

Guerra is number one because he seems to have so much upside. At just 18-years old, they say he could turn into something similar to Johan Santana. He is still young, but looks very promising.

I put Gomez at number two, because he is considered one of the fastest guys in all of baseball, and some consider him to be the fastest (faster than Jose Reyes). He’ll compete for the centerfield spot this season, and is close to no longer being eligible for the list.

Swarzak and Robertson were toss ups for me. Basically I kept going back and forth between which one was number three and which one was number four. I finally settled with Swarzak higher mainly because he seems closer to me. Both have major upside though.

Joe Benson is considered to be one of the better outfield prospects within the organization. He has a lot of upside, but is still very raw.

Mulvey and Perkins were both toss ups as well. I put Mulvey ahead of Perkins because I feel he has more upside, and I wasn’t sure that Perkins could be considered a prospect any longer.

Jeff Manship climbed up the list this year after having a tremendous 2007 season. He could be placed higher, but I feel that he is still a few years off, and I’d like to see him make another big move this upcoming season.

Plouffe was placed at number nine, and depending on who you ask, he could be higher or lower. I placed him here because he still needs work on defense, but he is becoming a very good hitter. I see him as possibly being the starting shortstop in 2009 depending on how the 2008 season goes.

The number ten player was Ben Revere. He had a pretty good year with the GCL Twins after being drafted with the team’s first overall pick this past year. He is very highly regarded by the Twins and has a lot of work to do. I thought about placing Duensing, Ramos or Parmalee here, but ultimately he beat them out.

Close, but no cigar…

Brian Duensing – Wilson Ramos - Nick Blackburn – Phil Humber – Chris Parmalee – Jason Pridie – Alexi Casilla – Denard Span – Oswaldo Sosa

From the people that missed the list, the three that were the hardest for me to leave out of the Top 10 were Duensing, Ramos and Parmalee. I feel that all three of these players have a lot of upside, but I just didn’t see them over Plouffe or Revere at this point.

Phil Humber and Alexi Casilla to me aren’t really “Prospects” anymore. I know that technically they are, but both have had shots in the big leagues and might get time right off the bat this season, so I left them off.

I’m not going to lie about Ramos, I simply don’t know enough about him. I’ve seen and heard a lot about him being a “person to watch”, and if I knew more about him, he might have made the list. Much of the same went for Sosa. I know about him much more than Ramos, but I don’t know enough.

As for Pridie and Blackburn, I’d like to see more of each before I include them in the list. Blackburn snuck up on us this past season and I’d like to see him again. Meanwhile, Pridie had a good year in 2007, and I’d like to see him put up the numbers consistently.

This was my first list ever, so go easy. I’ve always liked to follow the minor league guys, and I’m trying to get more involved covering them. With the big site overhaul on the way, more prospect stuff will be coming, so this is a start.

I’d like to know how you’d rank them and what changes you might make.