February 18, 2008

Not Much...

Well, the Twins kicked off Spring Training 2008 yesterday with the official reporting day for pitchers and catchers. According to early reports, it sounds like everybody is there expect for Francisco Liriano who may not arrive until later this week.

Here are some notes from La Velle and Joe that stuck out to me.

From Joe's Blog:

So far, the most notable sight for me has been CF Carlos Gomez. It’s hard
to describe it right here, but this kid’s got a presence.

“I don’t like to have expectations on paper,” he said. “I don’t like to
say Carlos Gomez, center field Twins. I come in here and try to open the eyes of
From La Velle:
Philip Humber - Great guy. It’s Philip and not Phil. The H in Humber is

Deolis Guerra - Very polite. He’s a biggun’ and it’s pronounced
Day-OH-leece (rough phonetics here).

Maybe it's just the fact that they are talking about the newcomers that gets me excited, I don't know. But I'm very excited and can't wait for these position battles to start. Look out for a preview in the coming days along with site news and our first edition of Making the Team.