February 20, 2008

Visa Updates

The Twins have three keys players still not in camp including Francisco Liriano, Dennys Reyes and Alexi Casilla. Reyes has now picked up his visa according to reports, and is expected to arrive in Fort Myers on Thursday or shortly after. Liriano is getting closer as well. He went through his counseling session and could be in camp by Thursday as well, and if not, he should be in Fort Myers by Saturday as the latest.

For Casilla however, things are not getting any better. He missed his appointment to get his visa because of a family medical emergency, and could be out of camp for weeks to come. Unless the Twins and the MLB can get his appointment moved up, he might not be in the United States until mid-March. His appointment is currently scheduled for March 11.

If Casilla can't get in camp soon, his chances of making the team as the starting second basemen or just a guy off the bench will almost certainly be gone.