February 29, 2008

We're Moving!

Since we started Twins Territory in early July 2006, Blogger has been great. It has allowed us to do everything we wanted to -- write about the Minnesota Twins and have a pretty cool look to the site as well.

A few month ago however, we approached Derek Hanson about helping us out with a huge site redesign. When he was interested, we made the plans to make the move shortly in to Spring Training. Spring Training is here, and the project is now done.

The new site allows us to do more with our writing, and allows you the readers to sign up and get more active with your own personal user profile and the forum. We are really excited about the future of the site, and we hope that you’ll follow us over to our new domain.

As of this post, this site will not be updated. The site will remain in tact for archive purposes, but that’s it. Make sure to switch your bookmarks to the domain below and come over.
Some of the new features when you sign up include commenting and a forum name. The biggest feature however is the Clubhouse. You'll get your own profile where you can post FanBlogs, pictures, videos and more. Come over and sign up to join the community!